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pure barre class etiquette: five people you don't want to be

now that i've been doing pure barre for about two months, i'm totally a pro.

just kidding.

however, i have been to enough classes to learn the unspoken etiquette of pure barre pretty well. i may not always be able to stay up for the 90 second plank, but you can bet your seat that i know to always thank my instructor when i've had a great class and where to put my equipment.

i've also been to enough classes to see some people who don't follow etiquette. either they are new and don't know or they know and don't care. the latter is rude, but if it's the former, that's okay! i'm here to share five "horror" stories from pure barre so you can learn what not to do. don't be these people.

1.) the personal bubble popper
please stretch in your own area. even though there is a short warm-up at the start of class, some people like to stretch for a few minutes before it starts. totally fine; do what you need to do to make the class the best for you. however, i was once in a class where a girl was all. over. the. place. no kidding, she started in the middle of the room, minding her own business and doing some leg stretches. then she got up, walked over to a side bar, and started pulling off the bar, her leg hovering over a fellow student. then, she started skipping back and forth all over the room. and finally, she came to the back wall where i was to do some bendy stuff. umm, what? while your class should be all about you, the class session is not all about you. by moving all around the room and not taking in to consideration other people, you make it hard for your fellow students to get in to the mind set they need for class.

2.) the barefoot barre queen
please wear socks. this is like, pure barre 101. they recommend sticky socks when you first sign up, and i agree that they really do help with stability during a few moves. however, they aren't necessary. and some people take this to mean that if they don't need sticky socks, they don't need socks at all. wrong. wrong wrong wrong. there is nothing worse that being in a crowded class, coming down to the floor to work, and your face being right in someone's bare foot (obviously this has happened to me once or twice). if you don't want to pay the price for sticky socks, at the very least wear regular socks.

3.) the shadow
please don't sit directly behind anyone. it can be hard to figure out where to sit when you're at your first class. it's pure barre, so we'll be working at the barre, right? yes and no. the barre part comes a little later, but first there's a warm up that happens out on the floor, and it comes with some moves that require you to stretch out. nothing bothers me more than when a person comes in to class and plops down about a foot behind me. this means as soon as i go in to a plank, i'm kicking them and then trying to scoot around them. it distracts both of us. some classes are really packed, i get that, but do your best to leave yourself and your classmates some room. and on that note, if it's a pretty empty class, stagger! it's great when everyone can see themselves in the front mirror.

4.) the always-late arrival
please try to work with your life schedule when signing up for classes. i get that life happens sometimes, and some pure barre studios have a "no show" fee, so you want to avoid that, even if it means starting class a little late. however, i've seen people be consistently late to the same time slot. they'll run in and weave through everybody, always loud whispering apologizes, drop their bag in the middle of the room (can't make it to the cubbies), and then dart around setting up their equipment. coming in frazzled and loud is not enjoyable for anyone. and if you're consistently late, then it probably means that time you chose isn't right for you.

5.) the social sally 
please either use quiet voices or wait to socialize until after class. a lot of people take fitness classes with their friends, and if that's something you like to do, by all means, do it! however, talking loudly while people are trying to focus and stretch before class can be annoying for fellow students. most people don't care that you took your son to see inside out last night, and if i can hear you talking about it on the total opposite of the room, chances are you're being way too loud. additionally, be mindful of the fact that you're in a fitness studio, which means classes are usually booked back to back. i can't tell you the amount of times people just hang out in the doorway talking about where they should go get dinner, and the next class can't get in the the studio (and some people can't get out!). wait until you're out in the waiting area (or outside is even better!) to work that type of stuff out.

so those are my etiquette tips for pure barre classes. sure we all slip up some times and do things that may be bad manners, but i think if we all keep the "code" in mind, it makes for a more enjoyable class for all involved!

what are your etiquette tips for pure barre? any "people" i left off my list?



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