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hello from dc!

i arrived in dc saturday afternoon and haven't slown down since i stepped off the plane. between trying to find stores to get things i need for my six week stay and starting my internship monday morning, i have been going all over the city and have been pooped every night i come home.

but, that's not to say i'm not enjoying it! only a week in to my internship and i already love it and think it's one of the best career decisions i've made (the others being joining labs in undergrad and going to grad school). i'm enjoying getting a preview of "real adult" life, what with the knee length skirts and 9 hour shifts and all that good stuff. plus, the work i'm doing is really interesting to me. and everyone in my department is super nice and geniunely seems to care about helping me get the most out of this experience.

i'm also trying my hardest to keep eating healthy while i'm here. i fell off the wagon in the last few weeks i was in chicago because moving and working and trying to prep for my trip was exhausting and getting chipotle was easier than cooking. now that i have a routine day, i'm making sure to eat a simple breakfast in the morning and pack my lunch for work so i'm not tempted to go to the quiznos near here every day. that's not to say i haven't been eating out some, but i'm trying to make healthy choices when i do. my new obsession? sweet green! it's the best salad i've ever had!
spicy sabzi.
as for working out, i wanted to let myself get used to the area before i dove right in to it. now that i'm feeling more comfortable, it's time to start running. i've already started planning short loops (got to ease myself back in to it, if we're being honest), and i'm excited for the new sites i'll see along the way. i'm also missing barre classes like crazy, so i'm pretty sure i'm going to sign up for a month at the pure barre studio here. hey, i told you i was addicted!

so that's it on my front. i'm going to try to be better about updating here now that i have a better schedule, and i'm still catching up on all your blogs.

so tell me what you've been up to!


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