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friday five: fitness trends i won't try

i'm not one to shy away from a fitness trend just because it's popular. i spout off my love for barre classes pretty much daily and i am currently in the market for a fitbit; if something sparks my interest, i don't care how much of a fad it is. however, there are some trends that just straight up don't appeal to me. today, i'm linking up with mar, cynthia, and courtney to tell you the five fitness trends i'll never try.

1.) crossfit
i know plenty of people who swear by crossfit as their main form of fitness. i have friends who say that it gets them in shape and gives them the results they want. fine for them. i, however, have seen enough fail videos to know that i am just not capable of getting through crossfit without hurting myself, given my combination of weak arms and clumsy body. i'll stick with running.
2.) bikini fitness
there are currently six girls i know training for a bikini fitness competition. they post about their early morning workouts, macros in food, and sparkly bikinis so often that sometimes my newsfeed consists only of bikini fitness related items. i can tell they love it, and they seem to have more confidence than ever. but i personally have no interest in getting my body judged, so i'll just skip this trend.

3.) zumba classes
as mentioned above, i'm clumsy. add on top of that i have no rhythm and am terribly awkward around people. maybe now you can see why zumba is a nightmare situation for me. i can just picture it now, me fumbling around and staring at the instructor, trying to figure out just what the crap i'm supposed to be doing.
4.) getting certified 
as fitness becomes more popular, it seems like everybody and their mom is getting certified in something, whether it be as a trainer or yoga instructor or nutrition. i have no interest in making a living out of working out, so i'll just leave this one to the people who do.

5.) undie runs
more power to the people who feel comfortable enough with their bodies that they run in their undies (or take it even further with a naked run!). i, however, cringe at the thought of being that exposed when i'm huffing and puffing my way through a race. plus, it just sounds like an invitation for major thigh chaffing.

so those are my five! i know they say "never say never" and who knows, maybe one day i'll eat my words. but for now, i'm happy to leave these five trends to the people who enjoy them.

what's something you'd never try?



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