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chicago half training: week two

the second week of chicago half marathon training is over! here's a reminder of how this week was supposed to look:

monday - pure barre
another great pure barre class, but even better was meeting courtney! we just happened to be sitting next to each other, and when the instructor said her name before class, it took me a couple seconds to put the clues together to realize it was her. it was so nice meeting a fellow blogger!

tuesday - mountain athletics training session
my friend at my internship mentioned a killer workout she did last week, and when i expressed an interest, she immediately signed us both up. the north face mountain athletics dc group puts on a few free training classes a week. in an hour class, we warmed up, went on a mile run, did relays, spent some time on the bench doing dips, step ups, and push ups, followed by partner work that consisted of lots of ab work, and then finished it up with stretching. in short, it was hard. but the trainers and my friend were so ridiculously positive that i didn't completely hate it.

wednesday - 3 miles
my thighs were killing me after all of the squats, lunges, and step ups from the night before. but, i knew i had to get some running in, so i set off on a short run after work. it was sweaty, but the fastest i've gone lately! i also realized the park near me has a loop that is just about .5 miles, making it really easy to keep track of my mileage without my garmin.
and it's pretty to look at, too.

thursday - pure barre
my legs were still super sore from tuesday's workout (and i guess pushing my speed slightly on wednesday?) but i made it to another pure barre class. i could barely get through the legs portion of class, but i tried my best, and rewarded myself by hanging out with courtney and some of her runner friends after class.

friday - rest
holy crap! not allowing myself a rest day after tuesday's intense workout came back to bite me in the butt because i woke up with the worst hip pain friday morning. anytime i even walked, a sharp pain hit me right in the side of my right hip. it definitely called for a rest day.

saturday - rest
i still had a some hip pain when i woke up on saturday, and i was a little scared i had injured myself. so, i decided not to run and just do a lot of walking. i got almost six miles in over the course of the day, and i think it helped loosen up my hip joint.

sunday - 4 miles
woke up to no hip pain! i was excited and up early, so i decided to get a run in before it got hot. but, i fell back asleep before i could even follow through with that plan hahah. so, a hot and sweaty night run it was! i tried to push it off as much as i could, but even at 7:45pm when i started, it was still a feels-like temp of 100 degrees. i took it nice and slow, and got in my long run! and promptly looked like a beet covered in salt for a good while hahah.

weekly total: 7 miles
training total: 15.5 miles

how's your training going?


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