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chicago half training: week three

the third week of chicago half marathon training is over! here's a reminder of how this week was supposed to look:

monday - pure barre
i really love starting my week off with a good lift, tone, burn session after work. and this particular one? well i'll let this text to my boyfriend speak for itself:
tuesday - 3 miles
anybody want to guess how this run went?  hot/humid? sweaty? slow? if you guessed all three, then you're right! i've just come to accept that these are my runs now. and though i toyed with the gym idea, the cheap gym is only open mon-fri, meaning i would only have four more runs there. not the most cost effective. i'm just learning to embrace the heat and hope it's making me stronger.

wednesday - pure barre
i swear i got a little further with my split stretch! that was probably the highlight of this class, as i had trouble really focusing throughout the first three sections of class. not every class is going to be the best!

 - 3 miles

jenny and i were hoping to do this run together, but she had to stay late at work :( instead, i set out with my headphones and told myself to try to hit my goal half marathon pace for this run. and i succeeded! of course, less than ten weeks from now i have to keep it up for 13.1 miles, but i'm trying not to focus on that.

friday - pure barre
another low-attendance pure barre session, which meant i received extra attention from the instructor to make sure i was doing everything with the right form or pushing myself to get the most out of the class. so helpful!

saturday - 5 miles
i made the mistake of deciding to go to the national cathedral and zoo before my run, meaning my legs already had almost eight miles on them before i set off on my long run. because of this, my pace was slow and i was tired, but it was totally worth it to spend a day with the animals!
sunday - rest
i think this may be the first time ever that i stuck to the days a training plan called for certain workouts. only took a year and a half to do so hahah. it was really nice to have a sunday off so i could do all my errands without having to worry about fitting in a workout.

weekly total: 11 miles
training total: 26.5 miles

do you prefer to rest on mondays or start the week with a workout? what's your favorite animal to see at the zoo?


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