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chicago half training: week one

the first week of chicago half marathon training is over! here's a reminder of how this week was supposed to look:

monday - pure barre
my first pure barre class in dc! i went in feeling pretty confident that i'd know how to do most of the moves, given my past month at pure barre in chicago. but, i was wrong! this studio uses a double red tube, meaning there are new (killer) things to learn. 

tuesday - 3.5 miles
this was supposed to only be 3 miles, but since i'm still getting used to the street layout here, i ended up taking a wrong turn and getting looped around in a weird way, making the run a slight bit longer.

wednesday - pure barre
another great barre class from the dc team! it was also during this class that i realized how much progress i've made on my split stretch over the past six weeks, which is really exciting!

thursday - rest
before i left the office, i checked my weather app and it said 88...not fun, but doable. i got outside to find it totally stifling. turns out, with the humidity, it was a feels like temp of 97. not happening. unfortunately, there's no late class at barre on thursday, so it was an unintentional rest day for me.

friday - pure barre
i don't work at the internship on fridays, and so i was able to take the noon class. this meant only 6 people in class rather than 20, which i loved.

saturday - 3 miles
i made the mistake of letting myself sleep in, meaning i had to do this run at noon. it wasn't too hot, but the sun was out in full force, so it felt pretty awful.

sunday - 2 miles
despite waiting until almost sundown to do this run, i still found it to be way too hot and muggy, so i ended up calling it quits half way through. i know most of this anguish is probably mental, but i'm really really struggling in the dc humidity (my body is too; i've developed a heat rash all over my calves!). i'm considering joining a gym for my remaining month.

weekly total: 8.5 miles
training total: 8.5 miles

how's your training going? any tips for running in humidity?


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