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friday five: life as of late

hey everyone! things have been absolutely crazy around here and it's been a few weeks since i've posted. i figured while i had a chance, i'd pop in with a life update. it's not quite the theme they have going on today, but i'm linking up with mar, cynthia, and courtney to share five big things that have happened in my life in the past two and a half weeks.

1.) comps
"don't worry; i'll finish this up for you."
remember a couple of months back when i mentioned a big exam coming up in my program? well, i finished it! the week after the shamrock shuffle, i finished up my prep work and made sure i had all my materials ready to go. then, on the morning of april 6th, my advisor sent me four essay questions to complete. i had until noon on april 8th to finish all of the essays, and it was exhausting. 32.5 hours of writing and 5683 words later, i submitted my essays...and i still have to wait until the 30th to find out if i passed! so not fair.

2.) internship
while that comps prep was happening, i received an email inviting me to interview for a summer internship i applied to. i hadn't expected interviews to happen for a few more weeks, but of course i accepted, despite being busy with comps things. the phone interview went perfectly, and two hours later, they offered me a position. i'm so excited to announce that i'll be spending six weeks in washington dc this summer (hey jenny!) i'm not sure of the exact dates yet, but i do know that i'll be gone when my current lease in chicago ends, meaning i needed to find a new apartment right away.

3.) apartment hunting
image found here
as soon as i found out that i got the internship, i immediately started looking for apartments. i already knew that i wouldn't be renewing my current lease, as i want to downsize to a one bedroom, and since i'll be gone when that lease is over, i decided it would be best to move before leaving for dc. i'm super picky when it comes to where i live (rightfully so, right!?). i saw, no joke, 15 apartments after inquiring about more than 20. but! i'm happy to say i finally signed a lease yesterday for a new place that i love.

4.) prepping for moving
so now that i'm for sure moving a full two months before i expected to, i'm in move mode. first things first, my current landlord and i are between either ending my lease early (preferred) or just finding a subletter. i also have a lot of furniture and clothes that i have no need for, and i'd rather get rid of it now so i don't have to deal with packing. so there's a lot of prep work happening on that front, and i'll be so happy when it's over with.

5.) book of mormon
totally made a stranger take this.
and in between all of the stress? i finally crossed something of my to-do list here in chicago: i saw book of mormon. i'm a huge fan of musicals, and i had been dying to see this show forever. when i heard that they were bringing the tour back here, i immediately bought tickets for alex and myself. best purchase in a long time. i laughed so much and had a smile on my face pretty much the whole time. now i just want to see more shows!

so yeah, that's what i've been up to! a lot of stress with a bit of fun. all of that on top of my normal grad school routine, and you can imagine what my schedule has been like. my training has taken a bit of a hit, but i'm not too concerned...yet. i'm just staying positive that things will die down soon and i can get a few good long runs in during the next month.

any big things happen in your life lately?


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