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spring half training: week two

the second week of spring half marathon training is over! here's a reminder of how this week was supposed to look:
a much needed, much appreciated rest day. my legs were pooped and it was a full school and work day, so i was glad i didn't have to worry about going to the gym.

tuesday -  3 miles + arms
i knew i wouldn't be able to run at night like i usually do, so i went to the gym in the morning. i really had no energy going in to it, but i got through it at a nice progressive pace. even though i still prefer running at night, it was nice throughout the rest of the day, knowing i was done with my workout. later that night, when i realized i had a bit of time to spare, i did light weights.

wednesday -  rest
not quite sure why all my deadlines for work keep landing on wednesdays, but that was the case again this week. i was working on a conference submission up until almost 10:30pm. no way i was going to the gym after that! since last week was fine after i switched workouts around, i decided to do it again this week.

thursday -  3 miles at pace
i had a hard time mustering up the motivation to go to the gym, and by the time i got there, i just wanted to be done as fast as possible. only way to do that is to push the pace! i ran at my goal race pace the entire run and then pushed the last quarter mile. it felt great!

friday -  missed
i volunteered to do an extra night shift for my freelance research position, and totally figured i'd have enough time to hit the gym after. once i got home, i remembered that the gym closes early on fridays and that i was now going to be stuck cross-training at home. i googled "60 minute cross-training," found a video on youtube...and fell asleep. i'm talking lights on, above the covers, passed out. whoops! i'm taking it as my body telling me to slow down, and since it's a cross-training session, i don't feel too bad about missing it.

saturday -  3 miles
another night of dragging myself to the gym after a 9 hour work day. i was so tired, but i knew i needed to get the miles in, so off i went to the gym with my ipad. at first, i figured i'd get my long run out of the way, but the gym felt really, really hot and i just wanted to be done, so i stopped after three, since i still had to make up that distance from wednesday.

sunday -  5 miles
i was hoping to do this run outside, but i totally forgot to put my garmin on the charger before work, so it was off to the treadmill again for me! it was a weak run, i won't lie. between being tired, being hot in the gym, having heavy legs, and my ipad hitting 'stop' on the treadmill every once in awhile, i struggled the whole time. but i finished!

weekly total: 14 miles
training total: 27 miles 

how's your training going?


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