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spring half training: week three

the third week of spring half marathon training is over! here's a reminder of how this week was supposed to look:
i feel like we're supposed to hate mondays, since they are the end of a weekend. but i love mondays this training cycle, because really, what's better than a rest day after days of hard workouts?

tuesday - 3 miles
it was 45 degrees outside, so obviously i jumped at the chance to not have to run on the treadmill. i set out on a figure-8 loop through my neighborhood. i was enjoying splashing through puddles, running past other runners, and even surprised myself by finding a slight hill located not far from my house; who knew?

wednesday - rest
another wednesday with too much to do. i had a few appointments and errands to do in the morning, and then in the afternoon i was hit with some pretty stressful news, so the rest of the day was dedicated to dealing with that. and at night? well i forgot i had a lecture to plan for thursday! seriously, i wonder if i will ever get a run done on a wednesday this training cycle!

thursday - 60 minute cross-train
my stomach and head were feeling crappy all day, so the last thing i felt like doing was a high impact exercise. i opted to bike instead. at first i was planning on taking it really slow and easy, but a few minutes in, i felt a surge of energy and my headache was gone. so, i upped my rpm and resistance, and finished 21.5 miles in an hour! i'm really loving cross-training!

friday - 3 miles
i woke up later than i wanted, so i pretty much went from being in bed to running in about 5 minutes, and it took me a bit to get really in to it. and even once i did get in to it, i really couldn't get a fast pace going. i also decided to try a new route, and i ended up running through the park and enjoying some views of downtown, which was nice.
saturday - 4 miles
i decided to play with the pace a bit with this run, and actually surprised myself with the pace i was keeping. at one point, i was down near 8:40, which is fast for me. obviously i couldn't maintain it too long, but it was exciting!

sunday - missed
agh, my first missed long run. i had every intention of doing it, but then alex's friend had to cancel last minute on going to a hockey game with him, and he didn't want to have to go alone. since i did force him to go to cinderella on friday night, i went with him. thanks to a long commute with some delays back from the arena, we didn't get back until late in the night, and i didn't feel comfortable doing a long run at night when a lot of people were out at bars celebrating st. patrick's day. i'm trying not to feel too badly about missing a long run, especially since i already made it up this morning, but i just feel kind of crappy about having my weekly mileage drop down for this week. oh well.

weekly total: 10 miles
training total: 37 miles 

how's your training going?


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