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spring half training: week one

the first week of spring half marathon training is over! here's a reminder of how this week was supposed to look:
it felt kind of odd starting off a training program with a rest day, but it ended up being a blessing in disguise since i had a busy day.

tuesday - 3 miles + arms
another busy day, but i forced myself to the gym so that i would start this training off on a good note. the 3 miles felt really tough and tiring instead of nice and easy. but, i attributed that to the fact that my running was pretty inconsistent the past two weeks, so it was just my body readjusting to running (read: i was trying to stay positive while desperately thinking "it won't always be like this, right?!"). i also managed to do some easy weight work when i got home.

wednesday - rest
i was working on a draft of a paper that really needed to get done by that night, and it was making me all kinds of stressed thinking about having to fit in a trip to the gym. so, i elected to take my rest day early and shift around my remaining workouts.

thursday - 3 miles + abs
this run definitely felt better than tuesday's, so hooray! i got bored on the treadmill, so i played with the speed a bit, which definitely helped the time move faster. when i got home i did a couple minutes of ab work.

friday - 3 miles
nothing eventful about the run, although my toes felt like they were burning, tingling, and numb for the first ten minutes or so. it was really weird, but it turns out that it's most likely related to my raynaud's. so weird that my whole body can be warm once i'm inside, but my toes don't warm up!

saturday - 60 minute cross-train + legs
i got home from an 8 hour work day and really did not feel like heading to the treadmill. so i decided to mix up my schedule again and do my cross-training a day early. i opted for the stationary bike and hit the "hills plus" option. i pushed myself for an hour, and finished 16 miles by the end of it. i felt so proud and accomplished! i took that good energy home and did a few different leg exercises.

sunday - 4 miles
another 8 hour day at work, but this time i had no choice; four miles it is! i was really nervous for it, since i hadn't run over three miles in months. but, i took it slow, put on an episode of orange is the new black, and distracted myself with a bunch of positive mantas. before i knew it, i was done! not so bad; hopefully the rest of my long runs go this well!

weekly total: 13 miles
training total: 13 miles 

how's your training going?


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