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spring half training: week four

the fourth week of spring half marathon training is over! here's a reminder of how this week was supposed to look:

monday - 6 miles 
i decided to wake up early to make up the missed long run from the day before and, well, it couldn't have gone more wrong. i usually run at night, so i was already feeling off running in the morning. then, my garmin started acting up and stopped tracking my mileage for about .25 miles. next, my calves started cramping during mile 2 of my run, and i kept having to stop and stretch them. it took me a bit to realize i didn't eat anything before i left the house! rookie mistake. i was exhausted by mile 4, and started walking quite a bit. i made sure to finish the total distance, but man i did not feel strong at all.

tuesday - rest
after my six miler on monday, the weather was beautiful. it was in the high 50s and steadily climbing in to the 60s. alex and i knew that there was no way we were going to waste such a beautiful day, so we walked around the city. and walked. and walked. and walked. we ended up walking 7 miles, meaning that my monday total was 13 miles. so of course, by tuesday, my legs were sore. i happily took a rest day. 

wednesday - 3.1 miles
you already heard about how this run went, but i'm still not over being super excited about breaking 30 minutes and being bitter about the treadmill erasing my time. it was the strongest i've felt in a run in such a long time, though, so at least i had that going for me.  

thursday - 1.5 miles and 20 minutes cross-training
i find it so weird that one day a run can go perfectly and then the very next day a run can be awful. i set out to do four miles, but i just couldn't. i was overly hot, my arch was aching, and my calves were cramping. it was so frustrating that i called it quits not even half way through and finished up my workout by doing 4 miles on the bike. 

friday - 3.1 miles
this was the day i did my run for the race for paws virtual 5k. despite not feeling like i made the best decisions during the run, i scored a new pr, so it worked out after all!
saturday - rest
since i used monday's rest day to make up my long run, i decided to rest on the weekend. i regret nothing. 

sunday - 3.65 miles and 20 minutes cross-training
yet another tough long run with crampy calves starting early on. only this time? this time i just didn't have the mental strength to push on. i cut my run short at 3.65 miles and finished up my workout with 3.35 miles on the bike. i'm really upset with my long run performances this week, and got a suggestion on twitter to up my foam rolling to help my calves, so i'm going to try that out. crossing all my fingers it works!

weekly total: 17.35 miles 
training total: 54.35 miles 

how's your training going? any tips for crampy calves?


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