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friday five: a friday in the life

it's finally friday and the semi-start of my spring break! woohoo! today's friday five theme is five things in your day/a day in the life. as a grad student, my schedule is different quarter to quarter, with various meetings and assignments and lab shifts. but, i thought it might be fun to give you a peak in to what a friday looks like for me this particular quarter by linking up with mar, courtney, and cynthia and sharing 5 things on my schedule today.

1.) makeup run
running in shorts! outside! it's spring!
after learning the hard way last week that the gym closes early on fridays and i don't have time to make it there on the nights i do freelance work, i decided that i'll have to do one of my makeup runs this morning. luckily, that "heat wave" is still coming through chicago, so i get to run outside!

2.) writing session
just one of many never ending manuscripts...
in my attempt to work on that life/work/fitness balance i talked about, i'm trying to dedicate specific hours on specific days to specific aspects of work so it doesn't pile up. i have a few manuscripts that i'm working on concurrently, so friday morning is reserved for working on edits and making tables for those manuscripts. this will go on for a few hours before i take a break for lunch.

3.) lab meeting
 after lunch, it's time for my friday meeting. this is a chance for us all to discuss how the projects we're working on are going, any problems that are happening, and what the data are looking like. the projects in this lab aren't particularly of interest to me (i'm temporarily in this lab as part of my stipend) so i always feel antsy during its two hour length. but spring break is next week, meaning today will be the last meeting!

4.) freelance shift
some of the assessments we give the kids.
because i took an extra night shift last week at this job, and each shift has two parts, i have to go back up to the job site tonight for a few hours. this job is really fun because i get to work with a bunch of young kids who say and do the silliest things. even though it's pretty far out of the way of my neighborhood, the extra experience (and pay!) is worth it.

5.) date night
image found here
weekends are the best because that's when i usually get uninterrupted time with alex. however, i've been working 9 hour shifts at the freelance job the past two weekends, so i haven't really gotten to see him. now that the job is over, date night is back on! tonight we're seeing cinderella (guess which one of us suggested that one) and sneaking in snacks. i'm so excited!

what's on your agenda today? who else is seeing cinderella?



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