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friday five: current favorites

happy first friday of march! spring happens this month, guys! the sun is currently shining through my window, so i'm definitely getting excited. today i'm sharing my five favorite things coming in to this month and linking up with mar, cynthia, and courtney.

1.) whittl <-- referral link
dark red/wine colors have been my color of choice this season.
the winter has been eating away at my hands, so i've been getting manicures as often as i can budget them. the other day, an ad for whittl popped up on my facebook stating that nail appointments made that day through the site were $15 off. what?! that meant a free mani in my neighborhood, so i instantly jumped at the chance. well whittl is awesome. not only did they confirm my appointment for me, but they sent me a reminder text the day before. i'll definitely use them again.

2.) my running shoes
i've been running in these babies for about six weeks now, and i've had no ankle pain. it's so amazing not having to worry about what's going to happen when i push my pace or distance. i'm thinking about getting another pair just to be able to rotate them throughout this running season.

3.) chocolate chip peanut crunch clif bars
clif bars are my go-to after a run, seeing as they are almost perfectly in the 4:1 carbs to protein ratio and they taste good. my favorite has always been carrot cake, but since clif recently swapped all their non-vegan chocolate chips for dairy free versions, i was excited to try bars i hadn't before. this chocolate chip peanut butter one is AMAZING. there are seriously some nights i look forward to finishing my workout just so i can have it.

4.) embrace your inner bean's
Inner Bean
more food. i've been eating a bit more now that i'm training, mostly in the form of some extra snacks at lunch time and mid-day at work. i grabbed these at trader joe's last time i was there since they seemed easy to pack for on-the-go eating, and they were so much yummier than i was expecting! i like them better than the green bean pods that i've seen before.

5.) the forecast
it's so beautiful. consistently near/in the 50s next week!?! pinch me! i'm already mapping out loops for my midweek runs. i'm so excited to run outside again, i'll probably go out way too fast and tire myself out, but it will be so so worth it.

what are your current favorites? any snack recommendations?



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