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spring half training: the plan

half marathon training starts today! things went pretty well with pre-training until my busy schedule caught up with me. however, i still feel really prepared and confident going in to this training cycle. so what plan did i choose?

for my second half marathon, i'm using hal higdon's novice 2 training plan.

i decided to go with the novice 2 for a couple of reasons. the first reason being that i definitely still feel like a novice. i just don't feel ready to take on bigger training tasks. this is my first attempt at trying to stick to a real training plan, meaning that running and cross training is enough for me to take on. i also don't have too many time goals going in to this race. do i want to pr? yes. but i think eliminating walking and sticking to training will help me enough with breaking 2:30 this time around. lastly, i want to train as close to 13.1 before race day as i can, and novice 2 has a longer long run than other plans.

for the cross-training, i plan on doing 60 minutes worth on sundays of either swimming, biking, or walking. i'm also hoping to do arm work on tuesdays and ab work on thursdays. i'm also planning on doing a 10k when the training calls for it, but i'm not doing a 5k. instead, i'll be swapping out my long run during week 5 for an 8k race and doing that 8 miler the next week in place of the 5k. those are the only changes i can forsee happening, but i'm sure some others will happen in the next 12 weeks.

ee, 12 weeks! time to get started...with today's rest day :p

what race are you currently training for? any goals?


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