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friday five: my favorite things about running

this is my 100th blog post! it took me awhile to get here, but it's still crazy to me that i've written 100 of these things. i'm going to celebrate by linking up with mar, cynthia, and courtney and talking about five things i love about the thing that inspired this blog in the first place: running!

1.) the races

my motivation to run is definitely to do races. there is nothing like crossing a finish line after weeks of work building up to that moment. it feels particularly great crossing the finish line of a new distance.

2.) the pride

similar to the feeling of crossing a finish line, the feeling i get from training is pretty awesome. i feel so proud each time i'm push myself to run a little faster or longer. i used to be the girl who would exclusively use the elliptical at low resistance; this is a huge change for me! i may never be the fastest or the best, but i'm ridiculously proud of how far i've come in a year.

3.) the sights

so this may not be happening when i'm stuck on the treadmill (aka currently) but i love running new places and seeing beautiful sights on my runs outdoors. i particularly love that i live in a place that has a running trail along the lake. my first 11 miler last year got me from my house down to the museum campus and i was seriously just in awe that i was casually running by there.

4.) the gear

okay, this may seem silly, but i love the running gear. tanks in cute colors, swishy shorts, strappy sports bras, sparkly headbands; it's my favorite thing to shop for. plus, the gear that you don't wear (e.g. books and fuels) is also pretty fun. i had a blast trying out all the different fuels last year. i can't explain it!

5.) the people

nobody ever told me runners are awesome! i've met so many wonderful people, both online and in real life. i had to take a shuttle back from my race in june and the guy sitting next to me chatted the whole way back about different races and how much he loves rundisney. this guy was fast and yet he didn't make me feel intimidated at all when talking about my own racing (read: slow haha). he was so nice! and of course, my fellow bloggers, who are always so encouraging. thanks, everyone, for being great and helping me love this activity even more!

here's to 100 more posts!

what do you love about running?


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