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friday five: fitness snapshots

i'm linking up again today with you signed up for what, mar on the run, and eat pray run, dc
for another friday five. this week's topic is fitness snapshots: pictures of your workouts from throughout the week. now, if it was any other season, this would actually be fun! i would take pictures of different places i ran to, fun exercises i did in the sun, or even a few sweaty selfies.

unfortunately, i live in chicago and it's winter and i can't exercise outside because it looks like this:

so instead of boring you with a lot of snapshots of my treadmill screen and gym mirror pics, i'm sharing five fitness snapshots i wish had happened this week.

1.) a long run
if i had a long run picture this week, it would mean that it was warm enough outside for me to be running for multiple hours without being miserable, because lord knows i would never run double digits on a treadmill.

2.) bootcamp on the lawn
only my leg is pictured here, but you get the point.
you see that green grass? it's a sign that the sun is shining and the temps are above freezing. i had so much fun at this group fitness class, and man were my muscles shaking afterward. i hope to do something like it again in the summer!

3.) short run on the lakefront trail
i don't even remember what sand looks like. and unfrozen lake water? how wonderful! i'm so looking forward to being able to get back out on the lakefront trail, my california bones are telling me to wait until spring.

4.) dodge tag with alex
i was at world market one day last summer when i saw this silly kid's game that involved each player wearing a vest with a velcro circle on the front and back and throwing felt balls. first person to get three stuck to the other player wins. i of course bought it (despite it obviously being sized for kids) and it turned in to an hour long competition between my boyfriend and me, full of sprinting and jumping and dodging and sweating. nowadays, we just watch a lot of hulu wrapped in blankets.

5.) racing at disneyland
ahh disneyland. the happiest place on earth, and during my 10k, the sweatiest (thanks humidity!) but i would GLADLY trade in my blizzard for humidity. running and disney put together; it really just doesn't get any better. i wish this snapshot happened every week.

how did you workout this week? anybody else as ready for spring as i am?


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