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30 before 30: the list

over winter break, two of my best friends and i read letters we wrote to ourselves at the beginning of undergrad. the letters were mostly ramblings about whomever we were dating at the time, but there were also some statements about where we hoped to be by the time we were reading the letters, five years down the road. as we put the letters back in the box, we wondered what we would be up to in another five years. and then we realized, in five years, we'll be almost 30.

now, i know 30 is not really a big deal; you make of the age what you want to. but as of right now, the idea of turning 30 sounds crazy. i can vividly remember going to parties for family members turning 30 and thinking that they were such adults and had done so much by that age. and so realizing i'll be 30 in five-ish years makes me think of how much i haven't done, and how much i want to do.

enter my 30 before 30 list.

i'm not sure if these things are just popular on the internet, or became popular after that movie "the bucket list" came out, but i love the idea of giving yourself a time-limit to do a bunch of fun things. in fact, my best friend and i made a similar list of things to do before high school graduation, and it made finishing out senior year that much more enjoyable.
tp-ing our friend's car + taking a trip to monterey were two of the things on our list.
when constructing my 30 before 30 list, i wanted to make sure i had a good mix of goals. there are a lot of fitness goals, travel plans, silly tasks, and personal interest objectives. i also got a little vague with the last one, as there are many ideas i have in my head of things i wish i could do, but don't have the guts to go through with; if i could even do one, i'd be happy, so i'm giving myself a little freedom to choose when the time is right.

i also apparently think i'm going to make a shit ton of money, since i have the lofty goal of paying off all my student debt in addition to paying for all the other things. dream big, right?

i'm really looking forward to crossing these things off my list, and plan to use this blog as a platform to document each experience. i hope you enjoy reading about it!

do you have a bucket list of any kind? what's on it?



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