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trial and error tuesday: podcasts

i'm not really one to do something just because it's popular at the moment; i've never watched girls or read one of the 50 shades books because they just don't seem interesting to me. but when people started talking about serial, i'll have to admit, my interest was piqued. i don't know why, but i really really love murder mysteries.

then tonight, i didn't want to go to the gym (pre-training is going okay-ish; update to come). my boyfriend literally had to bribe me to pack up my bag and go. for some reason, the idea of listening to my same old playlist while running on the same old treadmill in the same old gym sounded awful.

and then i thought "well, i don't have to listen to my playlist..." and immediately downloaded serial.

i've never listened to a podcast or book while running, so i was really curious as to how it would play out. would it be enough to distract me from the boring treadmill? would i even be interested in the story? what about when i hit that point in the run when things start to hurt; would i be motivated to push through without kelly clarkson in my ear?

turns out, i mostly had nothing to worry about. the story is really interesting, and the first episode starts out really strong. i was immediately sucked in to case, and the narrator's voice is super pleasant to listen to. i liked the little bits of dramatic music as the plot turned, which also helped to captivate my attention. i definitely didn't care i was on the treadmill! the only thing that did suck was i wasn't as motivated to push through my tiredness toward the end of my run, but oh well. i ended up keeping the fastest pace from all of my pre-training sessions, so it must have not affected me too badly!

final verdict? 4.5/5

i'm already looking forward to my next run so i can listen to episode 2!

do you listen to podcasts while you run? have you listened to serial (no spoilers!)?



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