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what i ate wednesday: 11/12

first, i just want to thank every one for their well wishes toward my defense last week! i'm happy to say that after the oral presentation, some minor revisions on my thesis document, and tons of paperwork, my master's degree is complete!

of course, it took time to do all those things, which may explain why i was quiet the past week. it's also the end of the quarter, which means things are pretty busy in my department. i don't know about you, but i find when things are stressful and busy, i tend to forget my healthy eating habits. my default is crappy, quick food. now, after a month of eating poorly while finishing my master's, i'm recommitting myself to eating healthy, even if i have hectic days. being that it's wednesday, i thought it would be fun to share what i ate during a busy, grad student day.

my morning started at 8:30am. this was a nice treat, as i usually have to be up by 7. i hit the snooze button a few too many times, meaning i couldn't eat breakfast at home since i had to quickly shower and get to a meeting by 10am. i filled a sandwich baggie with barbara's morning oat crunch original cereal and headed out the door, only to realize it was freezing. given that i had a few minutes to spare, i ran in to starbucks for a grande skinny peppermint mocha made with soy milk, and grabbed an apple+mango that's it bar, too.
hooray for red cups!
i got to my meeting right on time, and ate while i discussed publishing options with two professors. after my meeting, it was time to work in the lab for a bit, researching potential journals to submit to. before i knew it, 12:45pm rolled around and i was hungry. luckily, there was catered food in the office due to job talks happening in the department, and i happily made myself two grilled veggie fajitas with rice and black beans.

then it was time to listen to today's job talk! it's really exciting that somebody new will be joining the department, especially since they are within my field and i'll likely collaborate with them. no names named, but today's candidate was my favorite so far! the job talk was a 2 hour experience, and then it was back to the lab for some data analyses. after working on those for awhile, it was finally 4:30pm and time to stop working. my labmates and i hung out for a bit, watching cat videos and discussing various department happenings. i finally headed home around 6pm, to find that it was still freezing.

despite it being freezing, i was really craving a smoothie. weird, right? maybe because i had had so few fruits in the day, but i really wanted a mango-ish smoothie. i was feeling lazy, though, so i ordered delivery from bountiful eatery instead of hunting down a smoothie. i ordered a small tropical smoothie and a cold santa fe bowl. so much for trying to warm up in this weather! i caught up on emails while i waited for my food, which got to my house around 8pm. just like with lunch, i was starving by the time i got to eat, and devoured everything quickly,
awful picture, delicious food.

after eating, i watched the princess diaries 2 on netflix, while simultaneously working on conference submissions and making handouts of data from a study we're wrapping up in the lab. then it was time for a warm shower and jammies! a lot of work, and so much yummy food! and i don't feel icky right now, because everything i ate was healthy! hopefully i can keep this up.

do you struggle to eat healthy foods when you're busy? what are some of your favorite snacks?


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