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remember me?

it has been two weeks since i last wrote a blog post. i was pretty quiet on twitter, too. i didn't mean for life to get so busy (who ever does, right?). as i remembered my blog and lack of posts, i thought i'd just easily explain my absence. but! then i realized, aside from running, my readers don't really know much about me. so, i'm going to do a get-to-know-the-runner post, which should help to explain where i've been the past two weeks!

i'm a graduate student working towards my phd in psychology. the program i'm in is a combined masters/phd program, meaning at the beginning of the third year, students defend their master's thesis to earn their non-terminal master's degree. it's fall of my third year now which means...
starbucks and my cat were my constant companions during the writing process.
i'm finishing my master's degree! yup, for the past three weeks i have been working hard on writing up my thesis, and i finally completed the last draft! it's 65 pages of my research, and i'm pretty damn proud of it. i have to orally defend it in front of my advisor and committee before my actual degree can be conferred, and my defense is set for tomorrow! wish me luck!

part of my program means that i work as a graduate assistant in the psychology department. usually this means some hours assistant teaching and a lot of hours working in a lab with a faculty member. well this quarter, i'm in a new lab 20 hours a week running participants in studies and trying to learn the ropes of the new setting. well, apparently that wasn't enough for me, because when the opportunity to work on an outside research project presented itself, i jumped at the chance. it wasn't too bad at the start of the quarter, but now that the second research project is in full swing and taking another 25 hours of my week, my free time is almost zilch.

and the free time i do have? well, i gotta make time for my handsome guy.
my boyfriend, alex, and me at his sister's wedding.
you guys have heard about alex, seeing as he's usually my finish line photographer during my races. he's also super supportive in terms of my academic pursuits, and he's the best at getting me to have fun and relax during my free time. during the past two weeks, i had one weekend off. we went out to the suburbs for the weekend and i left my laptop behind. since i knew i would have to work halloween weekend, we celebrated a week early; we saw the original psycho in theaters (any other hitchcock fans out there?) and spent the day in evanston. it was so nice, and i'm glad i took some time to not work and get out of the city, even if just for a weekend.

so that's where i was these past two weeks! working my butt off while also managing to take a break from my laptop. oh! there was also one of my favorite holidays, national cat day, which my favorite
model happily helped me celebrate.

hopefully things will slow down after my defense and i can get back to blogging regularly!

did you celebrate national cat day? do you like scary movies? i'd love recommendations!



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