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product review: the fitness games app

as part of my sweat pink ambassadorship, i received the platinum version of the fitness game app free in exchange for a review on my blog. all opinions are my own.

i was really excited to get a chance to review the fitness games app. i've always wanted to try a fun app to keep me motivated to work out, and this one seemed to fit the bill. i eagerly signed up and waited for my account upgrade. it took awhile for the upgrade to come through for me, and when it did, i immediately used it for one of my runs. i set it up to run while i did two miles, and switched over to my music for the remainder of the run. when i got home, i went back to the fitness games app to see what my point total was. and what did i find?
womp womp.
so it turns out that the fitness games can't run in the background of my phone if it's not a pre-set workout. i didn't know this, and so my time running didn't actually get recorded, and i didn't get a score. it's not terribly inconvenient, as i have my garmin to keep track of runs. but, since i rely pretty heavily on my music for most runs, the app isn't that useful for my running.

however, there are tons of challenges built in to the app, many involving strength training. these are fun and have introduced me to new strength training exercises i hadn't used before. for me, i really enjoy the ab workouts. each challenge has a description of the workout, and then states how many reps to do of each particular thing. it's also super helpful that if there is something that i don't know how to do, i can click the item and it has a picture and description of what i need to do. because i'm referencing the app a lot to see that i'm doing the move correctly, i have the app running the whole time. in other words, this works better for me than running, especially since i don't listen to music when i strength train. most of the challenges are timing based, so as i improve on my time, the score goes up. since i don't have many friends on the app, this is a way to keep challenging myself; i actually get really frustrated when i don't beat my old time!
challenge description; what you see during workout; pictures and description of each exercise
overall, it's a useful app in that it is really helping me expand and keep track of my workouts. i haven't received any challenges yet from other people, but knowing my competitive streak, i'm sure that feature would just improve the experience! it's a little annoying that you can't easily enter in past workouts, but i guess that's a way of keeping yourself accountable to workout for the full duration you're supposed to. there are other apps that would allow me to enter in past data, but there's just something about seeing my score get higher that keeps me coming back to the fitness games!

still a rookie!
have you tried the fitness games app?


all images were taken from the fitness games app.

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