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friday five: favorite fitness tunes

today i'm linking up once again with eatprayrundc, you signed up for what?!, and mar on the run for another friday five! today's topic is current favorite fitness tunes. i'm so looking forward to reading everybody else's posts, because i love getting new music recommendations for my runs!
Five Favorite Fitness Tunes

1.) stronger - kelly clarkson
nothing better than a good girl-power song to power me through running. even though this isn't a new song at all, you better believe it is on every single one of my gym and running playlists. i've even caught myself singing along to it while running on the treadmill to distract myself. it was only slightly embarrassing.

2.) roar - katy perry
yet another girl-power song. honestly, i can listen to any katy perry song while i run and it can power me through (i've even gone so far as to listen to just her albums for my long runs, meaning 2+ hours of katy). something about roar, though, keeps me focused, and i'll keep it on repeat if i'm really trying to power through a particularly tough run.

3.) backpackers - childish gambino
okay, so not girl power at all. not even mother approved, at that. but there's something about the beat of this song and the crescendo that i love during a workout. it's slower than most people want, i think, but i love it.

4.) chandelier - sia
my boyfriend and i both agree that this is the best song to come on during miles 6-8 during a long run. there's something about the power in the song that will revive even the tiredest of legs. once, i accidentally had my playlist on shuffle and the song came on in mile 2 and i was so upset that it wouldn't be coming on later in my run, i actually stopped running to re-start my playlist unshuffled. i'm obsessed.

5.) starstrukk - 3oh3! 
another song without my mother's stamp of approval. yes, it's a little vulgar. but it's so upbeat and fast that i love having it for a run. there's also this weird slow part in the middle that says things like "push it baby" that i like to take out of context to motivate myself to run harder haha

so those are my five! these have all been on my playlists for awhile now, but i can't seem to run without them!

what are your favorite fitness songs?


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