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friday five: blogs to love

today i'm linking up with eatprayrundc, you signed up for what?!, and mar on the run for another friday five! today's topic is blogs to love right now. it just so happens that last night, as i was catching up on reading blogs, i thought "i love it when these five people blog." how is that for a great coincidence?!

so who are those five bloggers? i'm glad you asked.

1.) ali at ali on the run.
i love this blog, and it's all because ali herself is hilarious. she has the best style of writing, and despite being "a bigger blogger" she doesn't take herself too seriously, which i love. she's currently training for the steamtown marathon and i know she's going to rock it. but more importantly, i know she's going to write an awesome recap and i can't wait for it.

2.) jen at the final forty.
i read this blog religiously while preparing for the disneyland half. and if you're training for a disney race, chances are jen has ran and recapped it for you already. she makes the best costumes, too. but more than just being a fellow disney-nut, jen has accomplished some amazing things in health and fitness, and it's so much fun to read about.

3.) courtney at running for cupcakes.
i've talked about this blog a few times before on my own, and it's because it's consistently one of my favorites. i personally like it because she is like me in that she juggles school and a busy schedule with trying to be fit and healthy. plus, we're oddly alike, and that obviously draws me in. courtney has a great balance of running content and life content on her blog, so it's always a fun read.

4.) kristen at run away with kristen k.
kristen's blog is actually the first running blog i ever read! this is how i got introduced to i'm fit possible and sweat pink, which is awesome! i also read her blog a lot while getting ready for my own half marathon, since her first was princess half at disney world. kristen is another one of those bloggers who keeps things totally honest, which is something i appreciate.

5.) jenny at run jenny run.
jenny has the best recaps. seriously, leave my page right now and go read one of her many recaps (she already hit 14 races in 2014!) to see how awesome they are; i won't mind. she is also super positive and encouraging, so i love being connected with her in the blog world. she's also training for a marathon right now; another recap i'm eagerly waiting for!

who are your favorite bloggers right now?


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