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tomorrow is day one of the dumbo double dare. it's crazy to me how quickly this event came up; i can't wrap my head around the fact that i first got the idea in my head to run the dumbo double seven months ago! and now, here i am at disneyland with my very own cheer squad (my parents).

i'm nervous and excited all at once. i'm really stoked about the 10k, as i plan to take it easy and stop for as many character stops as i want. i think this race, partly because it's almost totally in the parks, is going to be my "fun race."

and then, the half marathon. as you all probably know, this is the one i'm focusing most on. sunday i will be running farther than i ever have before, and it's both a thrilling and nerve-wracking thing. i can't help but think about things that can go wrong and what more i should have done during training. but i need to stop that, because it doesn't help anything; what will happen will happen.

dumbo double dare is here! see you on the other side!

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