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ten miles.

it literally took yelling and crying to get myself out the door sunday morning, but i finally hit the double digits on my run.
technically, i was supposed to do this run last wednesday (yes, as in almost a week ago) but wednesday had me staying for 24 hours at northwestern memorial for a research project, and by the time i returned on thursday, i was exhausted. when friday rolled around, i really didn't want to go out and run. i made every excuse possible, and decided "saturday, i will run" but when i went out on saturday, i hated being out there and gave up only a couple miles in. 

i really didn't understand why i was avoiding my long run so much; maybe because 10 miles just sounds so. far., maybe because i knew i would be sore afterwards, i don't know. all i know is that sunday morning found me getting pushed off the bed by my boyfriend as i tried to sleep through another run, and finally me breaking down in tears, yelling at him that i didn't want to do it. poor guy. but, with his help, i sucked it up, slipped on my shoes, and headed out for ten miles.

honestly, the first 5 miles were not bad. i was keeping exactly on pace, i fueled and didn't lose too much time from it, and i honestly thought "i could do another set of this, no problem!" the second half definitely wasn't as easy. my hips got tight, my body got hot, and i was tired. i fell off pace and definitely considered cutting back down the path to head home. but i kept going, and before i knew it, i was done. i was so happy!

as expected, i was pretty sore later in the day. luckily, my compression socks already came in the mail (procompression is speedy, you guys!) and so, again with the help of my boyfriend, i got those suckers on and relaxed a bit.

i can't believe i'm leaving for LA in about two weeks, but i am more determined now to keep my training up and go in to my half marathon as confident as possible. i won't have anybody to push me off the bed if i don't want to head out for 13.1 miles that morning, so i have to motivate myself.

did you have a hard time doing your first double digit run? what helped you push through?


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