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it's august!

now, you're probably expecting me to talk about how my half marathon is this month (ohmygod) but i'm not. august also holds another special day...my birthday!

i haven't made a huge deal about my birthday since i turned 21, but i do like to spoil myself. usually this means food and clothes and special events. this year, i have been eyeing a few running related things though. i've already asked my boyfriend for something non-running related, so i'm hoping these will either come from myself or my loved ones. and if not, they'll probably make it on my christmas list!

1.) oiselle three friends tank
i haven't bought anything from oiselle yet, despite lusting over the products for months. i've been
wanting this tank for awhile, and now it's on sale! i'm still not sure if i'll take the plunge on getting it for myself, but we'll see. i love the colors and the discreet little bird on the hip.

2.) sparkly soul headband
i'm sure i'm not alone in wanting not just one, but almost all of these! i mentioned before i'm not a sparkly skirt girl, but i do love me a little bit of sparkle. these headbands seem perfect to fit that bill. and right now, they're celebrating their third birthday with great sales! 33% off your order and an extra surprise headband if you order 5! before i could even consider ordering myself a birthday present, i found out i won a free headband from them during their twitter party. so, i guess i'll be getting this gift after all! thanks, sparkly soul!

3.) the stick
i foam roll, yet i can't always work out the knots in some hard to reach places in my legs. usually a good massage can get them for me, but that's not always an easy thing to set up. i've heard about the stick, and i'd love to try one out. i think the travel size would be best, because then i could take it with me when i fly home to california, too!

4.) cooling towel
i've mentioned it before, but i overheat super quickly while running. there have definitely been times when i've ducked in to the grocery store bathroom along my running route to splash water on my face. i saw cooling towels at sports authority that get cold when you get them wet, and they sparked my interest. then, the other day, this little beauty popped up on groupon goods, and it's almost too good to pass up. definitely considering getting it at that low price!

5.) pro compression socks
spoiler alert: i just bought these. i was wanting them for awhile, and when i saw they'd be at the disneyland expo, i was honestly going to ask my parents to buy them for me for my birthday. but then, my parents surprised me by buying me a three day hopper pass to disneyland, and well, obviously i wasn't going to ask for anything else when they already went way above what they should have. then, sweatpink announced 40% off using the code "pink", and i had to get them. plus, now i can use them to recover from my long training runs!

so there's my birthday wish list!

what's on your running wish list? 


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