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what to wear, what to wear?

i fly to california for disneyland half marathon weekend in seven weeks!

i can't begin to tell you how excited i am. now that i'm not hating running (more on that later), getting an email this morning that the event guide is available brought on pure joy, rather than the "oh shit, what did i get myself in to?" feeling that i'd been getting for the past few weeks.

seven weeks isn't that long, but luckily all the important things have been dealt with or are underway; the hotel is booked, flights are reserved, tickets have been purchased, and training is in full swing. so since all the responsible stuff is out of the way, what's left?

figuring out what i'm going to wear, of course!

one thing i think makes disney races fun is the amount of people who run in costume. however, seeing as i overheat ridiculously quickly, the option of running in full costume was never in the cards for me. additionally, i'm not really a tutu or sparkle skirt kind of girl; i totally support those people out there who rock them on the course, but they just aren't my style. but, i really don't want to go out there in just my regular old training outfit of black shorts and blue short sleeve top (how i ended up with almost all blue shirts, i'll never know). so, how do i make this special?

originally, the plan was to order things on etsy. some vendors make costumes out of moisture-wicking material, so you truly get the best of both worlds. sadly, i couldn't justify the cost of a disney running costume, as i would probably never wear it again. i'll definitely be envious of those running by me in my etsy favorites, though!

my current plan is to disney bound it. basically, i'm just going to allude to a character via certain colored running garments. think green skirt and purple top, if i were going for an ariel look. i figure with this plan, i still get to fit the disney atmosphere, without spending money (or, at the very least, buying things i'll use again). because, let's face it: i've already spent enough money on this particular race.

i'm sure you're dying to know what characters i'm thinking about emulating, right?

i narrowed my options down to only the simplest characters to imitate, and i have no doubt that i'll see a character twin out on the course no matter who i end up choosing. i'm leaning heavily towards doing daisy for the half, since i always say my boyfriend and i are donald and daisy. for the 10k, i'll probably end up choosing one of the other dudes.

so that's where i'm at costume wise! no set plans, but i'll definitely update when the race weekend gets closer!

did you dress up for a rundisney race? what character were you?


(also, my last post was about hairstyles and this one was about clothing choices? what is this, a beauty blog? next thing you know, i'll be talking about the perfect makeup for long runs...)

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