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trial and error tuesday: hairstyles

this may seem silly, but i had a hell of a time figuring out which hairstyle works for me while running. i feel like everybody has their go-to thing: headbands, braids, ponytails, buns, i've even seen pigtails at races. but considering that i just started running a few months ago, i really didn't know which hairstyle would work for me. so i tried them all.

ponytail: i feel like this is the go to for most girls i see at the gym. however, i also feel like most girls i see at the gym do not suffer with the same frizzy, thick mane i have; their ponytails are always slick and light. my ponytail? seemed to be about five inches in diameter and served only as a whip, rather than a mechanism to keep hair out of my face, as with every step i took, it whirled around my face and hit my cheek. needless to say, i only wore my hair in a ponytail once.

final verdict? 1/5

braids: braids for me are much better than ponytails, as they shrink the size of my pony nearly in half. but because i have layers my braid slowly begins to fall out as i run. this is a shame, because i definitely think when done right, the braid is a way to keep yourself looking half way cute for race photographers (i'm looking at you, french braid with a sparkly soul headband at my last race). another downside to the braid for me is it causes some major neck sweat (see again: super thick hair)

final verdict? 3/5

bun: ahh, the bun. being able to just loop my hair around and secure it with a couple hair ties is something i mastered at a young age and continued to use for many mornings running late during college. when ponytails and braids failed me, mr. reliable the bun came out to save my run. i like buns because my hair stays off my neck, stays secured in place, and doesn't feel heavy. plus, once i buy one, i think a sparkly headband will look just as cute with a bun as it does a french braid. so until the day my hair thins or my layers grow out, the bun is my go-to.

final verdict? 5/5

what is your go-to running hairstyle?


*all images via google, since i couldn't wrap my arm around my head to capture my own hair.

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