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dumbo double dare corrals.

if you're running during disneyland half marathon weekend, or know someone who is, you probably know the corrals have been released. my boyfriend was so excited; corral placements are fun and mean the race is so close! i, on the other hand, was not excited.
my predicted finish time of 2:32 smushed me out of the G corral and in to the H corral. i was initially upset because i was going to be starting really late (compared to the race start), but mostly because of the rather large gap in finish times in corral H. every other corral had finish times within five minutes of each other. but H corral is pretty much 45 minutes of different finish times. this means that paces in this corral will range from 11:30 min/mile to 14:43 min/mile; that's a pretty big difference! i instantly saw in my head the start of the race being super congested and hectic, as faster runners attempted to pass slower runners who lined up at the front of the corral to get more cushion. (can you tell i'm neurotic? yeah, it's pretty bad. you only have to read about it; my boyfriend has to deal with it haha)

after about an hour of being upset and trying to come up with a plan of how to remedy this (at one point i considered sneaking in to corral G, but that's not fair; i didn't earn my spot there), i calmed down. the race isn't going to go my way; corral placement is just one example of that. so, here is my new plan for the half marathon.
more than anything, i need to remind myself to HAVE FUN. i always take things way too seriously, and i purposefully signed up for a disney race so i'd have no choice but to enjoy my first half marathon and celebrate what i have accomplished this year. of course my anxious head tries to go and ruin it! i need to spend the next month getting excited rather than worked up and nervous.

do you take things too seriously? are you running at disneyland next month? if you're in corral h, say hi if you see me!


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