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workout wednesday: youtube

this week has been so hectic for me. it's finals week, which means i'm finishing up papers and grading, and studying for my own exams. it's been back and forth between constant work and being sprawled out on my bed, welcoming a break from the madness.

so, today, when i got the worrisome news that i may have to move next month (i don't wanna talk about it...), i took the opportunity to de-stress by taking advantage of my "off day" and ordered delivery and watched netflix all day, while browsing for potential future apartments.

it wasn't until late in the night that i remembered that i hadn't worked out; d'oh!

so what's a girl supposed to do when it's too late to go outside for a workout? turn to the internet of course. a simple "30 minute cardio" search on youtube brought up tons of results, but i'm lazy, so i just went with the first one, this video by cafemom.

image via cafemom
now, i'm not a mom, but i figured this would be just fine for me. and it was. it was a simple routine of
cardio and strength training, and i found myself getting a pretty good workout from it. and then, 20 minutes in, the cardio was over and it was time for stretching. i have nothing against stretching, but i was really hoping for a full 30 minutes of cardio; i do my own stretching routine after working out anyway. but of course, they want to make sure their audience is stretching properly and not everybody has their own stretching regime, so i understand why they put it in. plus, it felt nice, since i was feeling particularly lazy tonight.

so would i do this workout again? no.

it's not quite the challenge i'm looking for with my cross training, and was really just a last minute find, that didn't quite fill the time quota i was hoping for. 

what workouts do you do when you're pressed for time?


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