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trial and error tuesday: headbands

one of the first purchases i wanted to make to prepare for half marathon training was a set of headbands. i have some thick headbands that i used during the winter, but they kept my head and ears too warm to use in the rising spring summer temperatures (chicago made up for an extra long winter by pretty much skipping my favorite season), so i was on the lookout for thin, elastic headbands.

on a random trip to sports authority, i found a set of thin headbands by adidas that were only $10. i love a bargain, and the set came with six different colors, so i was sold.
so many fun colors!
my first outing using one of the headbands was great; it didn't slip and did it's job of keeping my hair out of my face, without feeling tight at all. i was already considering this a great purchase, and used a different one for each subsequent workout.

however, after running my course through five of the colors, i went to cycle back to the first one i wore and found that it hadn't bounced back to it's original size. it sort of seems that the elastic isn't the greatest quality, because i realized that all of the used headbands were different sorts of stretched out, while the unworn one was still the perfect size. so far, they don't seem too stretched out (i.e. i can still wear them), but they do slip a bit more if my hair is straightened rather than in it's natural, frizzy state.

final verdict? 3/5

cute colors
not tight

stretches out easily
slips sometimes

honestly, i'd recommend these just because they weren't expensive, and who knows, maybe my large head stretched them out more than a normal sized head would, so they could work for other people. i'm still using them during training, but probably wouldn't trust them during a race.

have you tried adidas headbands? how did you like them?


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