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sum it up sunday: week 3

monday, 6/9: 3 mile run
i knew i'd be busy writing a final paper all day tuesday, so i switched my rest day and run day to make sure i got my miles in.

tuesday, 6/10: rest day
couldn't even fit shopping in; this crazy week was fueled with takeout and peanut butter.

wednesday, 6/11: 30 minute cross training, this leg routine, strength training
everything today was pushed to the late evening, and i wasn't happy with my cross training, so i did extra strength training to make up for it.

thursday, 6/12: missed training 
this was my last day of class, which means it ended with way too much drinking. totally worth it though; it was one of the only times i've been able to hang out with people from my department out of classes.

friday, 6/13: missed training 
too much drinking means a hangover, and then it was up to the suburbs to start celebrating my anniversary!

saturday, 6/14: strength training 
i woke up in the morning and did some strength training, and then spent the rest of the day eating too much food.

sunday, 6/15: missed training 
a day with my love in place of running? i'll take it. 

you'll see a common theme to this week: missing training to celebrate and not giving a damn. starting next week, i have no responsibilities and will have ample time to train again, but i knew this week was going to be a struggle to work out, and i'd rather have those memories of celebrating the completion of my masters with my cohort and a year of dating with my boyfriend because they're literally once in a lifetime moments.

now back to training! 

total miles for the week: 3
total pushups: 61
total situps: 111
total squats: 88
total plank time: 3:00

how was your week?


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