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sum it up sunday: week 2

monday, 6/2: rest day
again, spent this day loading up on healthy foods for the week. gotta love trader joe's!

tuesday, 6/3: 3 mile run, this arm routine, strength training
i tried a different loop this day because i'm getting really bored of my regular one. it kind of helped liven things up a bit.

wednesday, 6/4: 7 mile run, this ab routine, strength training
ran today for charity miles in celebration of national running day! it was my longest run to date, but i used intervals to do it.

thursday, 6/5: 30 minute cross training
this was the last day of classes for the quarter, and i spent the entire evening at the art institute. i'm counting it as cross-training, because several hours of walking between exhibits and up and down stairs is no joke!

friday, 6/6: rest day
resting up before the 5k!

saturday, 6/7: lifetime chicago 5k
my last race before disneyland, and it came with a huge pr! 

sunday, 6/8: rest day
i was feeling tired and lazy after saturday's race, so i rested, which meant i missed a long run. i'm really bad with that already.

total miles for the week: 13.1 
total pushups: 54 
total situps: 57 
total squats: 68
total plank time: 2:40

how was your week?


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