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sum it up sunday: week 1

monday, 5/26: rest day
spent this day shopping for a bunch of healthy foods to last the week, making sure to limit the added sugars.

tuesday, 5/27: 3 mile run, this arm routine, strength training
tried to run before an incoming storm hit, and ended up getting rained on the last mile; i like it!

wednesday, 5/28: 30 minute cross training, this ab routine, strength training
for this week's cross training, i needed something to do at home, so i did the fat burning cardio workout of hip hop abs. my lack of rhythm makes me really glad i was alone when i did this.

thursday, 5/29: 4 mile run, this leg routine, strength training
did this run really late at night, which just meant i had to deal with a lot of cars at intersections; not fun.

friday, 5/30: rest day
much enjoyed!

saturday, 5/31: missed training run
no real good reason for missing this; i decided to sleep in and couldn't fit it in later in the day.

sunday, 6/1: 3 mile run
this was supposed to be a 7 mile run, and it was so hard to get through with the heat, i ended up cutting it short and just made up saturday's missed run.

total miles for the week: 10
total pushups: 63
total situps: 60
total squats: 64
total plank time: 3:00

how was your week?


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