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thoughts before my first 10k.

in short, i'm nervous.

after two weeks of missed training runs and a sudden increase in the temperature here in the midwest, i'm not feeling totally prepared for tomorrow morning's race. i'll be the first to admit that my lack of preparedness is completely my fault; i let myself use traveling, midterms, and work as an excuse to not work out way too many times.

additionally, it didn't really hit me that this 10k was happening until recently. i started a 10k specific plan five weeks out from race day, and for whatever reason, a month sounded like forever to get ready. each time i missed a run, i figured i had plenty of time to make it up. i never really realized that the five weeks flew by and it was race week until i was getting emails for packet pick up.

even now, i'm sitting here with my bib and race shirt, and it still hasn't hit me that i'm racing tomorrow. have i been keeping hydrated? did i eat anything that might irritate my stomach come tomorrow morning? is my garmin charged/do i have my charger? these aren't really the types of questions i should be asking myself twelve hours out when i'm already away from home, but that's what it has come to.

i know i'll finish and i know i'll give it my all, but i'm still nervous.

anybody else go in to a race feeling unprepared? how'd it turn out?



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