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couch to 10k? make that 5k...

i'm just gonna come out and say it: i'm ditching my training app.

don't get me wrong; it's a good app. it really helped me those first 8 weeks and i don't think i would have been able to run my first 5k race non-stop without it.

an example of the 10k transition; image via clear sky apps
but the app transition from 5k to 10k just didn't work for me. suddenly, my 30ish minute run sessions were becoming over an hour long. i understand that long runs take more time than short runs, but it felt like a lot, especially since i'm new to this whole running thing. the workouts weren't crazy or anything; that first hour long session called for a few walk breaks, so it was still doable. but, still. the long workouts with no short, fun runs were starting to burn me out. plus, all the walking was discouraging after finally being able to run non-stop; i didn't want to walk after 10 minutes! i wanted to run until my body told me to stop!

after a little soul searching (read: asking my boyfriend's opinion, since he's better at this athletic stuff than i am), i decided it wouldn't be the worst thing to try transitioning to a 10k on my own. i'm still building mileage week by week, but i'm not doing drastic jumps like the app called for (i.e. not progressing from 50 minutes to 60 minutes non-stop in three days, as week 14 of the app says to do). i'm also allowing myself shorter runs to work on my speed, something the app didn't do. lastly, i'm incorporating two days of 30-45 minute runs a week, which is based off the galloway method, to mimic part of the training i'll be starting for my half marathon in a few months.

i feel good about this new plan. i'm a little bummed i won't be able to check off those last few boxes on my app, but ultimately, i think this new plan is going to fit my needs and wants the best. and who knows, maybe i'll occasionally do one of the workouts the app called for and slowly complete it. but for now, i'm focusing on the two 10ks on my calendar next month.

did you ever change training plans half way through? how'd it work out?


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