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an unexpected run.

last week, my boyfriend and i flew out to california for my sister's wedding*. i knew that there was a good chance of me missing a lot of my training runs since it would be a pretty busy weekend, so i wasn't too concerned on thursday when, while getting ready to head to the airport, i realized i wouldn't be able to fit a workout in that day.

as we headed downtown to transfer to the blue line, our bags at our feet, i made the usual "are we forgetting anything?" comment. i verbally ran through the list of things i knew i needed and said "but most importantly, what i'm wearing to the wedding is already with my parents, so i don't need to worry about that." my boyfriend then looked at me, wide-eyed, and i shook my head, thinking he was joking. but, i quickly realized he wasn't joking when he exclaimed "my suit!" and i pictured it clearly, still hanging in my closet.

at this point, we were about three hours out from our departure time, so it wasn't horrible, but we were definitely panicked. as we got off at the next stop and switched platforms, i quickly came up with a game plan: we'd ride back to the closest stop to my house, he'd deal with getting both bags over to the southbound platform, and i'd take the keys and run back to my house to get the suit.

my awesome running shoes.
turns out, i was getting my run in for the day.

i ran from the station as quickly as a could, weaving in between shoppers and restaurant-goers who looked at me like i was crazy. makes sense; i was in normal clothes and flats, yet sprinting. i must have looked even more ridiculous on my way back, as i tried to hold the suit flat and still on my right arm so that it wouldn't wrinkle while pumping my left arm ferociously to make up for the slack. i got back to the platform in a little less than 12 minutes, and we were back on the train and on our way without much of a delay.

as i retold the story to my best friend, she exclaimed "thank god you started running! i can't imagine what it would have been like if you were still out of shape!" i can't help but laugh, because she's right; the mile journey before would have probably taken me about 25 minutes, or i would have just let my boyfriend wear jeans to the wedding. thank goodness for running!


*hopefully the trip explains my absence on social media the last few days; maid of honor life is kind of hectic!


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