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a world of running.

i have an obsession: runner's world.

when i have a random question regarding running (i.e. what to eat before, how to stretch on the foam roller, how to interval train most effectively), i turn to google, and the articles that always pop up first are from runner's world. when i have the urge to look up races, i'm instantly finding my way to the site to use their race finder. when i'm faced with the problem of not knowing what to wear in the always changing chicago weather, i use their what to wear tool.

i'm not kidding, people; i'm on the runner's world website all the time. just take a look at my most visited pages.
pay no attention to the food delivery website also listed...
but it's more than just the website. after browsing the site one day and seeing an advertisement for the magazine, i got giddy. guys, i love snail mail. getting a letter from a loved one or fun coupons to my favorite stores makes me smile like an idiot. so when i saw that a two year subscription to the magazine was only $24, i ordered as fast as i could type.

my current collection.
"the book"
best decision ever. i'm sure most of the information in the magazines is on the website, but it's nice to disconnect from the computer to read the stories and advice articles. i also like being able to dog-ear the pages i'm interested in or that gives a tip that is related to something i was already curious about. i've also gone so far as to throw an issue in my purse to read on the L to distract me from the people sitting around me.

buuuut, it's even more than just the website and the magazines. one day when i was at barnes and noble, the thought dawned on me that people write books about running, which means that a whole new part of the store was now relevant to me! i spent forever pawing over the different runner's world books on those shelves, and ended up buying the complete book of women's running (referred to as "the book" in casual conversation). this is a great tool for me to have, because i can easily go to the index to look up specific topics, and i'm learning about women-specific running issues, such as how that good ol' time of the month may affect my performance. i definitely recommend this book, especially for beginners like myself.

so, yeah, my latest obsession is all things runner's world related. i even went so far as to spend fifteen minutes on my last trip to whole foods scanning the same aisles over and over for the special edition of runner's world's guide to running, and was destraught when i couldn't find it. but, on the plus side, it's nice that this obsession aids in my becoming a better runner more so than my other obsessions (ahem...carrot cake...).

what is your latest obsession? do you love runner's world as much as i do?



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