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a month in review: march

wasn't it just yesterday that i was reviewing february? it probably feels that way, since i barely blogged at all in the last month. march was hard, guys. between getting sick, finals, and going on vacation for spring break, my days of running were less than ideal. but it's a new season and a new month, so time to put march behind me.

total miles: 36.72

total running days: twelve

best average workout pace: 10:55 min/mile

biggest accomplishment: my first race was a pretty big deal, for me. it was a day that really tested my determination, seeing as i was sick beyond belief. but i ran the whole way, and pushed myself on the course to finish strong.

best run: last week, i ran 4.2 miles around the disneyland resort. it wasn't my fastest or longest run, but getting a preview of the course i'll be running in august was a definite workout boost, and it was fun to run in a new location.

things for next month: i'm going streaking! i'm hoping to run everyday in april, at least a mile, and still work on training for my two 10ks in may, meaning there will be longer runs some days, too. i'm also going to finally incorporate strength training in to my days (didn't do so well on that before) and i'll be taking part in the ffkplankaday month. april is all about getting stronger!

how was march for you? can you believe it's april??



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