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a month in review: april

i say it every month, and i'll say it again: this month flew by. i had a good run (no pun intended) on my running streak, until exhaustion finally got the best of me 22 days in. i'm still pretty proud of my totals for the month, though.

total miles: 46.02

total running days: twenty-four

best average workout pace: 9:02 min/mile

biggest accomplishment: that almost nine minute mile! i have a goal to run an sub-8 mile in my life, so it's kind of cool seeing that i only have a minute left to shave off (only...hahaha)

best run: my five mile run on the 13th. i planned to run it at a 11:15 minute per mile pace, but felt really good throughout the whole thing going a bit faster, so i didn't listen to my garmin as it beeped constantly that i was ahead of pace. in the end, i ended up completing the workout in 52:49, which is a 10:32 minute per mile pace.

things for next month: two 10ks! i'll be using the time from one of these races for corral placement at disneyland, so i'm a little nervous!

what did you accomplish this month? any big races on your schedule for may?



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