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what i ate wednesday (disneyland edition!)

i've never done a wiaw before, but i spent today in disneyland, and couldn't resist sharing what i had to eat! in the past, i've eaten pretty crappy while on vacation. but now that i'm running, and i've learned that i perform best when fueling myself with healthy foods, i wanted to try my best to eat well on this trip. here we go!

i started the day off with a 4.2 mile run around the resort. i had mapped out a path to follow beforehand, but hit some construction, so ended up doing a weird back-and-forth loop around california adventure. my run ended right at my hotel, so i grabbed a bagel and banana from their complimentary continental breakfast on my way to my room. unfortunately, my sister got to the bagel before i did, so i only got to have half. i made up the carbs later in the day, so it was fine, but still; never come between me and my bagels!

we headed over to disneyland and got to ride the new, refurbed big thunder mountain right away, which was awesome. we also did some of our favorites, like haunted mansion and pirates of the caribbean, because they had short lines. after waiting a long time for space mountain, though, our tummies were rumbling and it was time for lunch. we went to the carnation cafe and i ordered the chef's vegan burger. the burger is made of beans and veggies, and is topped with lettuce, tomato, onions, and vegan chipotle mayo, all on a multigrain bun. i opted for fruit as my side instead of fries. this was really good, except the patty had difficulty staying together, though i've found that to be true of most restaurant-made veggie patties.

the clouds started to come in pretty heavily in the afternoon, which was disappointing, seeing as my chicago skin has been dying for sunshine. because we were cold, we decided to souvenir shop a bit to take advantage of the heaters that were going in the stores. i also went to watch great moments with mr. lincoln, since i'm a huge abe fan. we then hunted down donald duck, which took way longer than i wanted, but was so worth it because i'm a seven year old trapped in a twenty-three year old's body. after the duck hunt, we were in the mood for something sweet. disneyland recently veganized their infamous dole whip recipe, and since i've always heard rave reviews, i decided i had to try it. it was really good!

the day continued with more rides and shopping. my sister's feet and back started to hurt pretty badly, so we decided to ride the train around to rest. by the time we were done with that, it was already close to 6pm, which is when we had reservations at cafe orleans. this was another place i had heard good things about, especially in terms of accommodating guests with dietary needs. when we sat down, i let the waitress know i needed a vegan meal, and she sent the chef out to talk with me. together he and i talked about my options and decided on doing their n'awlins vegetable ragout without cheese and subbing red potatoes for the corncakes it usually comes with. this meal was so good. the blend of squash, eggplant, and zucchini was perfect, and the sauce had the tiniest bit of spice to it. i really want to try to recreate this at home.
not as saucy as i've seen in other pictures, but still delicious.
 the day ended for us with a freezing ride down splash mountain, a quick outfit change for me (including buying a crew neck sweatshirt right outside the ride because i was shivering so badly), another go on the haunted mansion because it's my favorite, and a night ride on big thunder. it started to sprinkle a bit, and combined with tired legs and sore feet from walking so much, we called it quits. all in all, it was a great day. i'm really happy i stuck with my guns to eat more healthy in the park, because i don't feel sluggish at all, meaning i'll easily be able to convince myself to wake up for another run tomorrow morning. next time i do that here, it will be for the dumbo double dare!



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