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spring is finally here! it's still a little chilly outside, and there is some icy-snow-sludge that is taking its sweet time to melt, but other than that, it is spring!

despite being able to keep up on my training and build my endurance pretty steadily over the coldest days this winter had to offer, the last week following my 5k was really rough. as i mentioned in my last post, i was fairly sick while running my race, and i think the fact that i ran while feeling under the weather didn't help in my recovery. all sunday and monday, i was just laying in bed, nursing myself with bananas and plain bagels, and running wasn't even an option.

on tuesday i was finalllly feeling better, but alas, this past week was also finals week for me, so i spent the day writing papers instead of getting to the gym. and then...it all fell apart from there. because it had been a few days since i ran, and i was feeling stressed, i let myself not only skip the gym but eat absolutely horribly for the next couple of days. when the first day of spring came yesterday, i was feeling anything but refreshed and happy for the new season.

but the wonderful thing about spring is that it's all about fresh starts: blooming flowers, baby animals...and renewing dedication to running!
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i started my workout today, trying not to focus on the days off and the sluggish feeling too many bagels had left me with. i ran my hardest, took a few walk breaks, and felt pretty great overall. i finished my hour workout hitting 5.1 miles on the treadmill, which is an 11:46 minute per mile pace, and it was awesome! definitely a great way to start the season. it's now spring break, and i have no excuse not to keep up with running and get myself in shape for the two 10ks i have on my schedule in a few weeks!

how did you welcome spring?



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