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10k madness.

when i first starting using my 10k runner app, i decided that i wanted to do races after each landmark distance in the program: 5k and 10k. however, when my program ends and i'm supposed to be running 10k, i'll be in california for my sister's wedding. so i signed up for the closest race after that, which happens in mid-may.

at the time, i had no plans of submitting a proof of time for my rundisney half marathon. my thought process was that it would be my first half marathon and i didn't want to feel pressure to finish in a certain time; i wanted to just enjoy the run and cross the finish line in an upright position. the last corral sounded fine to me.

but, the more reviews i read about rundisney events, the more i don't want to be in the last corral. i've heard stories of crowding and weaving (yes this happens in all corrals, but it seems to increase the farther back you go) and more walkers in the back. my plan is to run as much as i can during the half marathon and, even at my slow pace, i'm a bit faster than people who are using run/mostly walk intervals. so i began to get worried.

luckily, rundisney accepts 10k times for corral placement in the half marathon, so i don't need to run a half before disneyland. unluckily, the 10k i already signed up for didn't fit their requirements for proof of time, as in the past (and what was on their website) they've done self-timed events. because the 10k distance isn't the most popular of races, there is only one other may 10k close to me, and it's the weekend after the one i'm already doing. but, since i want to get a time to rundisney by the june 1st cutoff, i signed up. of course, i am just now finding out the the smaller race's company has started using chips for their other races and might use them for my 10k. go figure.

i wrestled with the idea of doing two 10ks in a week for a bit before signing up, and though it makes me nervous, my training schedule calls for about six miles both of those weeks anyway, so i think i'll be fine. additionally, if they both end up being chip timed, i can choose the faster time to submit to rundisney. also, it's prepping me for doing two races in a weekend for the dumbo double dare in august. so obviously, i'm trying to keep positive, but it's still a bit daunting right now.

have you ever run two races in a week? how did it end up?



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