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sweaty songs.

there's a scene in the movie bride wars where the two main characters are running in central park and arguing about whether or not listening to music while working out is the way to go. anne hathaway's character says that running is a chance to listen to all of your thoughts, whereas kate hudson's character is adamant about using headphones.

i don't know about you, but i'm with kate on this one.

before my first day at the track, i went through my itunes and looked for songs that were not only fast and upbeat, but catchy enough that they would distract me from my runs. part of what makes finishing a particularly difficult run bearable is thinking to myself "okay, only three minutes left; just sing this song, and when it's over, so is your workout."

i've also learned over the past month what songs do their distracting job the best. for instance, i love florence and the machine, but it turns out that she isn't quite what i want to hear twelve laps in to my run. what do i want to hear, you ask? it's a pretty nifty mix of eminem, childish gambino, and blink 182, for now. but, above everyone else, my musical bff for running is kelly clarkson.

so many of her songs are fast and fun and really get my attention. "stronger" is my current favorite and my automatic listening choice for the longest part of my run, but about four other of her songs are also on my workout playlist.

however, as my runs get longer and as i get tired of certain songs from overexposure (the radio effect), i know i'll need to add more songs to my list, so i'm on the hunt and open to recommendations.

what songs are on your workout playlist? or are you like anne and use running to tackle endless thoughts?



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