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odds and ends: sports bras

just before i started running, i decided i needed a cute sports bra to complete my runner's look. the only sports bra i had in my closet was an old, pullover one from my cheerleading days, and the elastic was a bit worn out on it. i really wanted a nice, supportive, "real" sports bra, preferably in a cute color because i'm weird like that.

luckily, my mom had given me a victoria secret gift card for christmas, and they were still doing their annual sale at the time, so i was able to buy one of the bras from their sports line for a rather minimal cost. plus, it was polka dotted! i eagerly awaited its arrival.

welllll, i guess i didn't read the description of the bra very well before purchasing, because when they said "minimally padded for full support," i took that as slight padding to hold everything in place. instead, what arrived at my doorstep was a sports bra with huge cups molded in to it and bottom padding for a push up effect. ummmm, call me silly, but a push up bra is the last thing i want to wear at the gym. furthermore, the sizing was so off on the bra that it didn't even fit correctly. i mean, it does the job, but after running for a half hour, things aren't really in the right place anymore, if you catch my drift.

i wouldn't totally swear off victoria secret sports bras; they're cute and i think, for bustier girls, they'd do their job properly. i'm just not really the type who needs cup support while running. i think next time, if i use them again, i'll read the product description a little better and get one of their medium support bras with no padding. for now, i'm back to using my old pullover.

anybody have sports bra recommendations (particularly for us less busty girls)?



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