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run disney!

one of the first things that anybody learns about me is that i love disney. and it's not because i tell them straight out "hey! i love disney!" no. it's readily apparent by the mouse ears that line the shelves in my room, the lion king leggings i own, the trips my family and i take to disneyland...you get the picture.

so when i was first pondering the idea of using 2014 to train for my first race, i instantly thought back to an ad i had seen years ago for the princess half marathon at disney world. if i needed extra motivation to do a half marathon, a disney infused trip was it. plus, have you seen the medals you get for completing the races? gorgeous. unfortunately, the princess half marathon happens early in the year and no matter how hard i trained, i don't think two months was enough time to prepare (plus, these races sell out fast; they've definitely gained popularity in the three years since i first heard of them).

with the princess half out of the question, only the disneyland half and the wine & dine half were left as contenders. for me, the disneyland half marathon weekend has more appeal due to the dumbo double dare they have, which is a 10k on saturday and a half marathon on sunday. my goal for the half marathon is just to finish the race, and i expect that i'll be employing a walk/run method to do that. but i'd like to be able to run the 10k non-stop, and to me, having more goals can only be good.
 image via run disney's facebook page; edited to remove last year's dates.

so that's how i decided to train for the dumbo double dare. registration opens in 10 days, so hopefully i get a spot!



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