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holy stitch!

i set my alarm for 10:30 this morning to make sure i was up at 11cst for the dumbo double registration opening. i stretched a little bit, got my laptop, and checked the rundisney website to see if the disney folks had opened it up early. nope. so i headed over to the rundisney facebook page, just in case somebody posted that they were able to register in the next twenty minutes.


"the ENTIRE race has sold out!""where's the link!?!?!""are there any spots left? i've been trying since 8am!""how could disney DO this to us; i trusted them!!!" (so that last part is a bit of an exaggeration, but honestly, not by much).

i'm not going to lie: i freaked out. had i missed something when i checked the rundisney event page? i was pretty sure that only the advanced slots had filled, and that's what people were seeing, but i was still worried. i quickly switched over tabs and tried to refresh the website, only for it to take awhile to reload. i knew for sure, then, that the site was going to crash, which was completely out of my control.

so i sat back. i breathed. and i came up with a plan.

if it took me awhile to get on the site and the dumbo double had sold out, i would just run the half. that is still an amazing accomplishment and a fun experience. i would also find a 10k closer to my home to submit an official proof of time for corral placement, so i could still experience a 10k. furthermore, i would be saving quite a bit of money. the half it was. i was set in my new plan.

11am rolled around and i refreshed the rundisney website, only to find that the site had indeed crashed. sigh. i refreshed again...and the page loaded. whoa whoa whoooaa. the active.com page loaded, and all links were live, meaning the dumbo double was still available. as you can probably imagine, i threw out my "new plan" pretty quickly. from there, the registration was seamless. before i knew it, my email chimed with a new message.
it's official! i will be running at disneyland in seven months! time to really focus on training to do the best that i can so i can earn those three medals!

did anybody else register for disneyland half marathon weekend events?



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