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a month in review: january

(so, technically, i didn't start running until about half way through the month, but whatevs)

total miles: 10.85

total running days: eight

best average workout pace: 12:46 min/mile

biggest accomplishment: i would have to say just starting this whole running thing and actually committing to it (corny alert). seriously though, my miles/days logged and quickest pace aren't anything impressive overall, but when i think about the fact that i'm actually working at it and progressing, i'm pretty proud of myself.

best run: yesterday's, actually. i was having a pretty crappy day and really had to force myself to go to the track. when i first started to run, i was already kind of over it and wanted to give up. but, i told myself "just do it" and next thing i knew, my app was beeping to tell me to cool down. i honestly felt like i was only there for five minutes! it was really cool just how quickly the time passed and feeling like i could have kept running.

things for next month: i'm looking forward to incorporating strength training in to my "off" days. i also have a goal to get my pace down to 11:00 by my next monthly review.

how was your month? any big goals or accomplishments? i want to hear about them!


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